Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Review: DailyHuesLacquer

Hey everyone,

today I want to share some swatches of a few polishes I got from an awesome indie brand I recently discovered, DailyHuesNailLacquer!

First up is a gorgeous glitter topper called Ashlyn, fellow Instagrammer @naiildazzle correctly described it as a more bold version of China Glaze Fairy Dust

Bottle shown: DailyHuesNailLacquer in Ashlyn

I think this is such a pretty topper, especially over black! And: this is only one coat over a black base!! It looks like it has a black base in the bottle, but it's completely see-through and only has the glitter in it, so it would work over any color polish as a sparkly topper. 
I did a little accent nail using OPI Alpine Snow and stamped some stars using a Cheeky stamping plate. Not my best stamping job, I will admit :D

As I am a sucker for mystery bags, I had to get the August/September one which included two limited edition shades that were only available until the end of September. I really should have gotten my review up sooner, but I also received them quite close to the end of September and didn't have time to swatch them in time! Still I wanted to show them because they are super pretty!!

Bottle shown: DailyHuesNailLacquer in #1 LE Aug/Sept 2014

The #1 LE Aug/Sept 2014 is a beautiful silver glitter with all kinds of neon glitters in it. It sparkles so much and really is something else! I don't have anything like this in my collection and I think it's super pretty! I really think Jenn should make this a regular, it's so unique!

Bottle shown: DailyHuesNailLacquer in #2 LE Aug/Sept 2014

The #2 LE Aug/Sept 2014 is a pretty sheer, pearly blue polish. I'm more a cream girl when it comes to polish consistencies, but this one was still really pretty! I used three coats for the opacity in the picture above. I kinda ruined the pic by putting on those two tiny bows as an accent but hey, you can still see the gorgeousness of the polish ;)

The bi-monthly mystery bags available on the DailyHuesNailLacquer Website here - I really don't like surprises but it's a whole different story with nail polish, I mostly go for a mystery bag if there is one available and so far have never been disappointed! And also with this one, the polishes are always Limited Edition, who wouldn't want to own a cool LE polish?! I sure know I do ;)

Bottle show: DailyHuesNailLacquer in Ashlie

I saved my favourite for last, this is DailyHuesNailLacquer in Ashlie! It's a creamy white base filled with purple-y/pink glitters, it looks soooo gorgeous on the nails that I didn't ever want to take it off again! For some reason it screams "Sweetheart" to me, it's just so cute and squishy and pretty!! 
I loved it so much, it was the only one I took more detailed bottle shots with, haha. I totally forgot with the other ones :(

Up close bottle shot of DailyHuesNailLacquer in Ashlie

DailyHuesNailLacquer in Ashlie

If you liked these polishes, you will love all the other ones Jenn has to offer in her shop DailyHuesNailLacquer, make sure to have a look and check out all the awesome stuff she comes up with! I really love her shop layout too, her banner is a pic of swatch sticks of all her polishes, so cute!! Also check out her Instagram @DailyHuesNailLacquer for awesome swatches! I want to buy about 30 more bottles from her but I am containing myself so I still have money to buy food - but at the end of the day, what does a girl really need to make her happy, food or polish?! ;)

Lots of Love,

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Nailart: Coral and Black Tropical Mix and Match

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a few details on my recent mani, I really love this cute mix and match and just wanted to show you the products I used to create this!

The coral-y pink polish is two coats of one of my all time faves, Essie Van d'Go. It's a super pretty colour that goes really well with my skin tone, I think :) For this mani I paired it with China Glaze Liquid Leather and OPI My Favorite Ornament, which is a gorgeous textured gold glitter. I applied three coats for the opacity in the picture, China Glaze Liquid Leather is an amazing one coater black!

For the stamping I used my favourite stamping plate by MoYou London, the Tropical 02 plate. The design I used is the middle one in the picture above. I stamped with Essie Van d'Go which wasn't completely opaque, but I actually like the look I ended up with!

The little studs on my pinky were from a neon nail wheel by BornPrettyStore, the ones I used are the ones surrounded by the little heart in the picture above.
I'm dying to try the neon studs but still need to come up with a design I can incorporate them into ;)
If you are interested in purchasing some goodies at BornPrettyStore, you can use my discount code JPJ61 to save 10% off your order, yay!

Bottle shown: China Glaze Liquid Leather

Bottle shown: OPI My Favorite Ornament

I hope you like this cute mix and match mani as much as I do! If you have any questions, leave them down below in the comments :)

Happy Sunday Loves!

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October New In: Nailpolish

Hey everyone,

I have another round of new polishes to share that made it into my collection over the past few weeks/months :)

When I was on the hunt for Essie Urban Jungle and couldn't find it, I got so frustrated I picked up some other Essies instead! I hope I'm not the only one that happens to.. ;)

Essie Chills And Thrills is a muted blue from the Haute In The Heat Collection. It's a nice colour, but it doesn't quite throw me off the chair.. I am always on the hunt for some pretty blues that might save me from crying when my beloved Sally Hansen Pacific Blue reaches an end, I couldn't find it anywhere online and unfortunately I can't pick up any back ups as the Sally Hansen Xtreme Line isn't sold in Germany. 
Anyway, this blue is nice, formula was great too, so I don't have anything to complain about really.

The grey Essie is called Master Plan and I've seen this a few times in store but never picked it up until now. I'm always on the hunt for a pretty grey and I haven't found one that satisfies me yet. I haven't swatched this one up until now, so I'll be doing that soon and who knows! I think it will definitely be a nice colour for fall.

Next is Essie Cute As A Button, it doesn't really show up correctly in this picture though :( It's more pinkish and brighter, I sadly couldn't capture it right.
I got this mini bottle as a complimentary gift in my InStyle Magazine of July (I think) and I still haven't tried it.. I really need to up my swatching game! It looks really pretty though, but I think I might have something similar in my collection already. I have a lot of Essie pinks and this one doesn't strike me as something very special, but who knows, it might be THE colour!

Ok, these two bad boys are for sure some of my favourite additions to my collection! I am SO in love with these two Essies, I can't even.

After hearing that there were two different versions of Essie Find Me An Oasis, I was wondering if they were really that different. I have the american version from the mini set of the Essie Resort Collection I got and I did swatch it then but it didn't particularly strike my fancy. It was nice, but it I felt didn't exactly suit my skin tone, as it was very cool toned. When I was later looking at an Essie display in a store I don't usually go to because it's not one near me, I saw this last bottle of Find Me An Oasis sitting there all by itself, waiting for me to buy it. I swear! On Instagram, all the German nail girls were freaking out and buying as many back ups as they could get their hands on, claiming it was such a must have and that the european version was so different to the american version, so you see why I had to have it, right? And it sure is different! It's more creamy and just a really beautiful, light blue. The most accurate description I have read is: Essie Find Me An Oasis is the blue version of Essie Fiji. There you go, I don't have anything to add to that.

The other one I am still dying over is Essie Van d'Go. Oh hi, where have you been all this time?!
I had this polish on my "to buy" list in my phone forever and had mentally filed it under "must try, but not exactly a must have". To me it looked very orange-y and coral in swatches and I am more of a pink girl (in case ya haven't noticed) so I never "needed" to have it. But one day I was searching Amazon for polishes and it popped back into my mind so I thought I'd order it and see what it was like - best thought I've had in a long time! It's the perfect match of orange/coral/pink and it suits my skin tone so well!! I am already planning on buying back ups, also Essie needs to take this one into their permanent collection, it's a total must have!

Here is another must have in any nail girls collection - Orly Halo is one of the prettiest gold glitters I own! I bought this a while back, but for some weird reason didn't use it much after trying it first (what is wrong with me??) so it kinda made itself eligible for "new additions", even though it's been in my collection for a while. I have rediscovered it and recommend it for anyone who's in the market for a pretty gold glitter. Layered in 3 coats its beautifully opaque and makes a gorgeous accent nail, it also works for a beautiful gradient!

ChinaGlaze I Sea The Point was another try to finding a dupe for Pacific Blue, and it's actually a pretty good one too! I still need to compare them in real life but I've seen some comparison swatches and I liked what I saw ;) It's obviously not the real deal, but I could live with it because it's a really pretty bright blue and ChinaGlaze is one of my favourite polish brands too, so in my eyes they can't do much wrong.

Same goes for ChinaGlaze Shore Enuff, I wanted a vibrant green that wasn't quite neon and I made a good pick! Opaque in three coats and a gorgeous green, a really nice addition to my collection!

Last up is Essie Forever Yummy. Meh. I don't know what it is, but I haven't found a red polish that really suits me. I thought this one was a good one as it is more blue toned, I already know that orange toned reds just look hideous on me. I don't think I can really pull this one off either, it just doesn't look right.
I also have Essie Really Red which was a total failure because not only did it not look good on me, but it was pretty sheer, which I do not look for in a red. In my opinion a red need to be really creamy. But I guess it was my fault too for not checking the consistency in the store. Most times you can see if it's sheer on the brush and I didn't open it to look. I assure you that was the last time I did not check a bottle before buying it..

So that was all of my new in polishes for now. I think it's pretty safe to say you can be expecting another one, but maybe not too soon ;)

Lots of Love,