Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Review: DailyHuesLacquer

Hey everyone,

today I want to share some swatches of a few polishes I got from an awesome indie brand I recently discovered, DailyHuesNailLacquer!

First up is a gorgeous glitter topper called Ashlyn, fellow Instagrammer @naiildazzle correctly described it as a more bold version of China Glaze Fairy Dust

Bottle shown: DailyHuesNailLacquer in Ashlyn

I think this is such a pretty topper, especially over black! And: this is only one coat over a black base!! It looks like it has a black base in the bottle, but it's completely see-through and only has the glitter in it, so it would work over any color polish as a sparkly topper. 
I did a little accent nail using OPI Alpine Snow and stamped some stars using a Cheeky stamping plate. Not my best stamping job, I will admit :D

As I am a sucker for mystery bags, I had to get the August/September one which included two limited edition shades that were only available until the end of September. I really should have gotten my review up sooner, but I also received them quite close to the end of September and didn't have time to swatch them in time! Still I wanted to show them because they are super pretty!!

Bottle shown: DailyHuesNailLacquer in #1 LE Aug/Sept 2014

The #1 LE Aug/Sept 2014 is a beautiful silver glitter with all kinds of neon glitters in it. It sparkles so much and really is something else! I don't have anything like this in my collection and I think it's super pretty! I really think Jenn should make this a regular, it's so unique!

Bottle shown: DailyHuesNailLacquer in #2 LE Aug/Sept 2014

The #2 LE Aug/Sept 2014 is a pretty sheer, pearly blue polish. I'm more a cream girl when it comes to polish consistencies, but this one was still really pretty! I used three coats for the opacity in the picture above. I kinda ruined the pic by putting on those two tiny bows as an accent but hey, you can still see the gorgeousness of the polish ;)

The bi-monthly mystery bags available on the DailyHuesNailLacquer Website here - I really don't like surprises but it's a whole different story with nail polish, I mostly go for a mystery bag if there is one available and so far have never been disappointed! And also with this one, the polishes are always Limited Edition, who wouldn't want to own a cool LE polish?! I sure know I do ;)

Bottle show: DailyHuesNailLacquer in Ashlie

I saved my favourite for last, this is DailyHuesNailLacquer in Ashlie! It's a creamy white base filled with purple-y/pink glitters, it looks soooo gorgeous on the nails that I didn't ever want to take it off again! For some reason it screams "Sweetheart" to me, it's just so cute and squishy and pretty!! 
I loved it so much, it was the only one I took more detailed bottle shots with, haha. I totally forgot with the other ones :(

Up close bottle shot of DailyHuesNailLacquer in Ashlie

DailyHuesNailLacquer in Ashlie

If you liked these polishes, you will love all the other ones Jenn has to offer in her shop DailyHuesNailLacquer, make sure to have a look and check out all the awesome stuff she comes up with! I really love her shop layout too, her banner is a pic of swatch sticks of all her polishes, so cute!! Also check out her Instagram @DailyHuesNailLacquer for awesome swatches! I want to buy about 30 more bottles from her but I am containing myself so I still have money to buy food - but at the end of the day, what does a girl really need to make her happy, food or polish?! ;)

Lots of Love,


  1. There really is no choice, Glittr. A girl has to have POLISH to make her happy, of course!!!!! No contest :D

    I love all these polishes, but am not sure if I will be able to get them delivered to Tasmania, Australia. I'll check out the site and find out, though. I get really upset when I find a polish I really love, but then find I can't get it because it can't be sent from the USA to international sites in the mail. DARN!!!!!! I hope this will change one day.

    Thanks for sharing with us. Your reviews and ideas are so inspiring, and I for one really appreciate them. Have a great day, and Keep Calm and Get Polish.

    1. I think it's pretty clear too, polish before food! ;)

      I'm so happy you liked my little review! :) I get very frustrated when I see gorgeous polishes and they don't ship to Germany, there are so many American and Australian brands I would love to get my hands (and nails) on!

      Thank you so much for your kind words!! Take care! xx

  2. I love the glitters a lot! Indeed it is always a BIG (huge) disappointment when "they" do not ship to Europe.... :-( And the best polishes seem to always come from non shipping areas >sigh<

    1. I know! :( Every time I get excited about an indie brand I immediately start looking for international stockists, good thing is they mostly list them on their website for easy finding! :)