Monday, August 25, 2014

August New In: Nailpolish

Hey everyone,

over the past weeks I've accumulated a few new polishes for my collection. Sometimes I'm really good over a certain period of time and don't buy any polishes at all, instead if I see one I like I put it on a "to buy" list in my phone. Also, this helps with collecting some polishes that you might want to buy from one site but don't want to waste the shipping for just one, so I wait until I have a few more I want and get a bigger order :)

I'll show you the newest ones that I have recently added to my collection, starting with these two beautiful OPIs!

Most of the time, when a new collection comes out by one of the bigger brands, I lean back and look at all the swatches on Instagram first. With the last few collections, there were only few polishes that I really wanted, most of the time I thought I already had ones very similar in my collection, so I didn't really need them. Yeah, sometimes I'm reasonable like that ;) 

But now and again, a certain polish from a collection immediately catches my eye and I need it asap, this happened with OPI Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm? from the Nordic Collection. It's a gorgeous deep purple and perfect for fall! I do have a purple by Kiko in my collection that is very similar, unfortunately I've had it for ages and it's gone all gloopy so I will be kicking it out, especially now I have this beautiful replacement :) 

OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana wasn't one of the colours I really wanted when the OPI Brazil collection came out. I immediately bought all the nude shades but yellow normally isn't a colour I go for and hardly ever wear, it's just not me. But after contemplating it for a while, I noticed I didn't have one single nice yellow in my whole collection, and what kind of nail polish junkie would I be if I didn't?! So I got this one and it's a gorgeous shade of yellow that even I can pull off! Ok, summer is over, but still it's great for nail art and there is always next years summer to rock this awesome shade, right? 

Normally every single collection ChinaGlaze releases, I immediately want EVERY SINGLE ONE of them! But the recent Off Shore Collection didn't really have too many shades I was excited about. Being a girly girl and pink being my fave shade of polish ever, of course I needed these two: ChinaGlaze Feel The Breeze and Float On are two pretty pinks that I can see myself wearing a lot! :) They aren't too special and I probably have similar shades in my collection, but I felt I needed them anyway, pink polish is just my soft spot..

Now when Essie came out with their Haute In The Heat collection, Urban Jungle was a polish I knew I needed in my life!! Besides pink, I'm a sucker for nudes and this one is just to die for! Sadly, it took me forever as I wasn't the only one who felt this way about Urban Jungle... In the end I had to order it online, after stalking all the stores and repeatedly being disappointed as they were all sold out - for obvious reasons. But when I finally had it, it was love at first sight and this colour is totally worth the hype, at least in my opinion.
Not one single one of the other polishes in this collection tickled my fancy, they all looked like dupes for colours Essie had already released! 

So these three babies here show that I am totally obsessed with glitters at the moment.. But you know, there can never be enough glitter I say!

First one up is OPI This Gown Needs A Crown from the Miss Universe Collection. It's a beautiful silver polish and I've been looking all over for one. I've been using Essie No Place Like Chrome so far, but it's a chrome and doesn't always fit what I have in mind for a mani. Still haven't gotten around to trying the OPI, but I will for sure let you know when I do! I could see this being a lovely match for OPI Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm... don't you think? ;)

Next is ChinaGlaze I'm Not Lion - this has been a lemming of mine FOREVER! I finally found it on Amazon the other day and can't wait to use it! Also I need to compare it to Essie Beyond Cozy, another glitter favourite of mine, which is unfortunately getting really gloopy and hard to work with.. but yay, I finally have it!! :)

Last but most definitely not least is OPI It's Frosty Outside. I didn't buy this one when it came out, because I have Isadora Diamond Crush and judging from the swatches I saw online, they are dupes for each other. But my Diamond Crush was so well loved I'm nearing the end of it and I couldn't imagine my life without a silver glitter liquid sand polish, so I thought I would go for the OPI version and see how I like it! 

I hope you enjoyed my New In post, I think I'll do these now and again, as you know, I do buy a lot of polish... ;)

Lots of Love,


  1. I know what you mean, I sometimes go through spells where I don't buy anything. Then other times I'm like BUY THEM ALL!

    1. I know right? I'm trying not to go broke on polish, that would be a bit embarrassing, wouldn't it? :D