Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Guest Post for PaulinasPassions: Purple and Gold Leopard Print

**********My Guest Post For PaulinasPassions**********

Hey everyone,

I've been posting pictures of my nails on my IG account @Glittr for over a year now and started my little Blog LiveLoveGlittr about 6 months ago. A few weeks back the lovely Paulina asked me to do a guest post on her blog and I was thrilled! This is my very first guest post and I am honoured to be on Paulina's blog, thank you so much for having me :)

When I was thinking about what to do for this special blogpost, I thought about what I do best: the simple things! My personal style is pretty classic and basic with the odd statement piece or pop of colour. And this reflects on my nails too! I love doing more intricate designs but in every day life, I keep my nails pretty basic so they can go with anything I feel like wearing. Also, the simple designs are the ones my followers on Instagram seem to love most too, so I decided on doing a very easy leopard print and glitter accent nail tutorial for the look pictured below - so here it is :)

First up, I chose my colours. In this case I went for ChinaGlaze Lotus Begin and I'm Not Lion for my main colours. I used OPI Black Onyx and Alpine Snow for the black and white parts.

I made a little pictorial on how I do my leopard print, it's really easy and anyone can do it, you can't really do much wrong! :)

I painted my accent nail two coates of white, if you have a really nice opaque white you can get away with one coat as well. Also, it doesn't matter too much if there are tiny streaks in the white base, as you can cover up any flaws with the leopard print!

I then made some random blobs with ChinaGlaze I'm Not Lion and a dotting tool. They can be a bit squiggly, you don't have to make any perfect round dots here. Of course you can use anything similar to a dotting tool, like the end of a bobby pin for example.

Next I took my dotting tool and black polish and drew some squiggly lines around the gold blobs. Some say they do C-shapes, but I tend to do three lines around each dot, I just like the way it looks! Then I fill in any blank spaces between the leopard prints with more black squiggles to even the pattern out. Voila!

I put on CG I'm not Lion on my ring finger and painted all the other nails with Lotus Begin. I really like this very simple look with two pretty accent nails that catch the eye. 

I've also done these simple designs with flowers, they are just as pretty and make a nice, classic and pretty manicure. Also flowers are a great alternative if you're not into leopard print ;)

I hope you liked my little tutorial on the cute and simple nails! Thanks again Paulina for having me! :)

Check out my blog on LiveLoveGlittr.blogspot.de for more mani ideas, reviews and other nail nonsense!

Lots of Love,

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