Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Favourites: Birthday Goodies

Hey everyone,

it was my birthday on December 9th and I had the most wonderful day! I want to thank all of you who wished me a happy birthday on my birthday mani post on Instagram, it means the world to me seeing all of your lovely comments! <3

I wanted to share some of the amazing presents I got from my friends and family with you, they were all so thoughtful and lovely! I got loads of polish from my dad an his girlfriend which was really exciting, I had put them all on my Amazon wish list and he just ordered them all for me which was so sweet!! 

I chose these gorgeous pink shades because I've been wanting to try them forever! From left to right: OPI Shorts Story, China Glaze Hang Ten Toes, OPI Strawberry Marguerita.
I didn't know the China Glaze had a shimmer in it, which is normally something I don't really go for. I like my cremes or full on glitters better, but I will definitely give it a go because it still looks gorgeous!!

Next up are three amazing reds, I put these all on my wish list because I'm still trying to find the perfect red shade for me and also I am planning on doing some Christmas nail art with these! From left to right: OPI All I Want For Christmas (Is OPI), OPI Every Month Is Octoberfest, OPI In The Cable-Car Pool Lane.

I've been dying to call these two my own and now I finally can!! China Glaze All Wrapped Up and OPI Keeping Suzi At Bay. Look at that sparkly glitter!! I'm so excited to use this, you can't even imagine!

And this poor guy was all on his own for the photo shoot! ;) This is China Glaze Westside Warrior, I'd never thought I would want a shade like this but I saw it online, looked at swatches and thought it was gorgeous! When I was unpacking all of my polishes, my dads girlfriend asked me if there was a color I don't already own a shade of, and I picked up this one and said: not any more! ;) I don't have anything similar to this in my collection so I'm really excited to see how I like it on my nails! :)

My best friend got me my very first Michael Kors nail polish - eeeek!! Isn't it gorgeous?! Just the packaging is super luxurious, I can't wait to see if the polish can live up to my expectations! :) But I've heard only good things about these so I'm pretty sure I'll love it! The color is called Envy and is a beautiful purple, you can't really see the true color in the pic but I'll try and capture it on my nails!

She also got me this lip balm by Soap&Glory called Smooch Operator - don't you just love the names S&G comes up with?! It smells lovely and feels great on the lips too! This is going to sit on my desk at work so I can use it all the time!

My girl knows I love me some makeup, but I am a) too lazy and b) not skilled enough to put it on on a regular basis. I envy all the YouTube beauty gurus that always know exactly what to use to make them look gorgeous! But with my hair being a bit high maintenance and my passion for nailart, there is never really any time to also do my makeup! That's why she got me this awesome book by Bobbi Brown that is all about easy and gorgeous eye makeup! I've already started going through it and am loving it so far! Great tips and tutorials for everyone and every type of girl! 

As my girl and I really enjoy our tea, she got me this really cute little Mr. Tea that you can use to put your loose tea in and let it sit in your mug to infuse the water! I love silly things like this ;) She also got me an amazing smelling white tea (which is my favourite!) called White Monkey - love the name and will for sure enjoy filling Mr. Tea's pants with it! That sounded really wrong... but you know what I mean ;)

To go with my tea, she got me this mug and had it customised with this quote, just for me! I can't believe she gave me such an adorable thing and Steffi, if you're reading this (which I know you are), please know I love you to bits and you are the best friend I could ever ask for! You really are my person! <3 
Side Note: Bonus points for everyone who spotted the Greys Anatomy reference here, if you watched it - and let's be honest, who didn't? - then you might have an idea of what my friendship with my bestie is like).

As mentioned, my hair is a bit high maintenance when it comes to styling, I don't have naturally pretty wavy or straight hair, it's just some weird mess in between that makes me look like a poodle when I let it air dry. I've got my routine down pretty well and know what I need to achieve my everyday straight hair and I use a lot of heat protection to keep it from damaging too much. I am currently using the Tr├ęsemme Heat Tamer spray which is amazing, but I really wanted to try the heat protectant by Moroccanoil because I've had really good experiences with their products so far! Their Hair Oil (the simple Moroccanoil) is my go to hair products on the rare days I let my hair air dry and I can feel it helping it from becoming too frizzy and dry! So I am excited to use this one too!
Oh and the best thing about Moroccanoil products? You guessed it, the SMELL! It is to die for, and every product has it!! Even the hairspray! 

My boyfriend got me this beautiful brown and rosegold belt from Tommy Hilfiger that I had seen in a store a few weeks ago and I have been wearing it ever since! I discovered my love for rosegold last year around Christmas when he got me a stunning necklace that now perfectly matches my belt! :)

Talking about matching, he went out and picked these stunning rosegold Michael Kors hoop earrings for me!! Aren't they just beautiful? I think he might have had a little help from my bestie finding the right ones, but in the end he made a great choice himself and totally surprised me with these! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post about my birthday goodies, I really loved all the presents and am so thankful for all the lovely people I have in my life that made this day so amazing! <3

Lots of Love,


  1. Wow, what an amazing birthday you must have had. You're family and friends sound amazing, and you are so blessed to have such a caring group around you. Really made me realise how little support I and my husband have. I hope the next year brings you all your heart desires.

    1. Thank you, I really am blessed with amazing friends and family! I hope the new year brings lots of good things to you too! xx