Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review: WhatsIndieBox December 2014

Hey everyone,

as I love all things Christmas, I couldn't help but cave in and get the WhatsIndieBox? December 2014! I can't even imagine a Christmas in summer, so I thought I'd get an idea of it by trying some polishes by five different indie polish brands that created polishes especially to represent an Aussie Xmas. 

If you don't know what the WhatsIndieBox is, it's an Australian monthly polish box that comes with five different polishes by five different indie polish makers that vary every month. Some always stay the same, like Glampolish and Peitas Polish, and I think Lilypad Lacquer is a regular as well. But there are also always one or two new additions to the box, which makes it special every time! 
You don't have to subscribe to receive this box, you can purchase it every month on the Peitas Polish website as soon as it is open for order. You don't know what the polishes in the box are going to be, they are exclusive to the box shades by each indie brand!
On the WhatsIndieBox Instagram account and Facebook site clues are posted for all 5 polishes that are in the box, so you can get an idea about what each one is going to be like. So all in all, very mysterious and exciting! And we all know I'm a sucker for mystery bags!! ;)

For this months box the indie brands that contributed an exclusive shade were Glampolish, LilypadLacquer, MckFreshNailAttire, Glittering Elements and Peitas Polish (look at that cute bow on the bottle!!). The theme, as mentioned before, was an Aussie Indie Christmas - so it was all about beaches and summer! Here are some swatches of the gorgeous colors that came in the box. I topped all of my swatches off with one coat of my favourite fast drying topcoat by GlistenAndGlow, HKgirlTopcoat. All the charms I used are from DailyCharme.

First up I have this beautiful snowy white called Gotta Hav Pav by MckFreshNailAttire. It's a beautiful creamy white with shimmer in it and also has tiny and few bits of white and silver glitter in it. Definitely snow in a bottle, and what would Christmas be without snow?! Well, you Aussies tell me! ;) It's really pretty and crisp, application was easy in two coats.

I accented my swatch with this gorgeous snowflake charm, I thought it fit perfectly because, well, snow. Duh! ;)

This beauty is Sun, Sand And Sea by LilypadLacquer and the name could not be more fitting! The gold micro glitters are mixed with tiny green and red micro glitters, which makes it this awesome sandy Christmas colour! The combination is so clever and really looks absolutely beautiful! Don't get me wrong, it's not sandy in texture, just the look ;)

I accented my swatch with this cute reindeer charm. Santa's little helper was such a nice addition to this beautful golden polish! It's so dainty and pretty! Application of the polish was really smooth, two coats would have been fine but I did a third one to max out the glitter ;)

This was one of my favourites, Christmas in Paradise by Glittering Elements! This stunning light blue exactly represents how I imagine the ocean at an Australian beach to be like (and have seen in pictures ;). Application was a dream, really smooth and easy! I am wearing two coats in this pic.

Bonus shot to show you the holo shimmer of this baby, so pretty!! My light box wouldn't capture it properly so I had to take one outside of it. Love this one so much!

Another holo close up to show you all the gorgeousness of this polish and the cute laurel wreath charm :)

This is Seafood Delight by Peitas Polish and let me tell you, this was NOT easy to photograph!! It's a beautiful creamy, shimmery coral polish that is just so bright my light box couldn't handle it! Application was lovely in two easy coats and I accented it with a bow charm. 

Another shot of Seafood Delight under an overcast sky, I thought I'd try showing you the shimmer but it would only show up in the bottle :( Anyway, I promise you can see the subtle shimmer on the nails in person. 

As always, I saved my favourite for last ;) And no surprise, it's the Glampolish! Look at this beauty! It's called Harbour Lights, a sparkly Christmas tree green! Application was a dream, shown are two coats. I just love everything about this one, from the gorgeous color to the sparkly to the name, it's perfect!

An out of the light box shot to show you the awesome sparkle of this gem, isn't it pretty?! Glampolish just always does it right! 

Even though the mermaid charm was slightly too big for my nail (and a bit out of focus in this shot), I think it goes perfectly with this polish! 

So those were all the polishes from the Christmas themed December 2014 WhatsIndieBox! I think it perfectly represents an Australian Christmas, at least the one I imagine :) I think the indie polish makers did an awesome job at creating really fitting colors and I'm so glad I got this box, even though it is a bit pricey for me. The shipping from Australia kills me every time... the box itself is $49,99 (about €40) and shipping to Germany is $25 (about €20) - so all in all $74,99 (or about €60). But if you consider you get 5 handmade indie polishes for this price I think it's actually ok. It's a bit of a splurge for me, but it was my Christmas present to myself ;)

I'm sorry the Etsy shops of Lilypad Lacquer and Glittering Elements are closed at the moment, but I wanted to include the right links to their stores. You can buy them from other stockists though, like for example Norway Nails.

What are your thoughts on these polishes and the WhatsIndieBox? Did you like the theme and the colours? I'd love to know! :)

Lots of Love,


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  2. These are terrific. What a beautiful surprise box to get. Being an Australian, I'm so proud when I see the quality of the polishes that our indie polish makers come up with.

    1. This is my second time receiving this box and I am always impressed with the amazing quality and beauty of these brands! Lots of love to Australia! :)