Friday, April 25, 2014

Review: What's In-Die Box April 2014

Hey everyone,

today I wanted to show you my Whats's In-Die Box April 2014!

I discovered this box about 2 months ago on Instagram. It was created by Rachel from glampolish and is an Australian monthly subsription box containing 5 polishes by different Indie brands - but there is no subscription necessary, which is great! So you can buy a box one month if you want but don't have to the following month.

On Instagram there will be clues posted about the theme of the upcoming box until it is published, which is fun because you can guess what it might be and also decide if you like the clues and the theme before purchasing it. These were the clues for the April box:

The brands that are included in every box vary, although up until now glampolish, Peita's Polish and LilypadLacquer have always had a polish in every box.

I was debating whether i really want this box.. although I was really keen to try some indie polishes, it really is quite expensive. Also, there is shipping, which from Australia to Germany is quite a lot... 
But in the end i gave in and bought the box from Peita's Polish's site for $47,99 plus $30 shipping. Whoa...
Also, the polishes in the box are Special Editions and are only available with the box and will not be released for purchase on their own - which does make it a very special box!

I think what gave me the push to get it, was that I was excited to try the brands that were in the April box, apart from the glampolish polishes I hadn't tried any of the brands that were included.
The brands were glampolish, Peita's Polish, LilypadLacquer, BellaBella NailCouture and MckFresh NailAttire. I have always loved looking at the pictures of the awesome BellaBelle polishes on IG and the creator Vicky is such a sweetheart too, so I just had to have the box so I could try one of her polishes!! ;)

Enough rambling on, here are swatches of the beauties from the April What's In-Die Box!

 First up is this gorgeous pink, shimmering polish by LilypadLacquer, 'Siren of the Sea':

It's a pink-based glitter that slightly shifts to purple and has purple specks of glitter in it. Application was smooth and it also dried pretty quickly. This is two coates topped of with the HKgirlTopcoat by glistenandglow. It's such a gorgeous polish to wear just on it's own!
Also it's a pretty huge bottle, so you get lots of use out of it! :)


Next up is 'Dragon's Breath' by BellaBelleNailCouture. I was so excited to try one of their polishes, and even if this is not the color I would have chosen (I'm not really a red kinda girl), I still think it's really preety! It's a very sheer black with red glitters in it. It needs quite a few coates to be opaque so I layered one coat over black, topped off with HKgirlTopcoat:

It's so pretty! Applikation was really smooth here too and I'm quite excited I have my very first BellaBella polish! :)


Next is 'Lady Scales' by McFresh Nailattire, which is a green glitter with loads of glittery goodness! 

I thought I wasn't going to like this one as much as the others, but after putting it on I really, really liked it! It shimmers beautifully and application was lovely here too, such a cool polish! I also took a sunshine shot to show of the gorgeous glitter! Again I topped it with the HKgirlTopcoat.


Next we have 'Unicorn Whisper' by Peita's Polish, a gorgeous silver and purple glitter! 

This is it on it's own, three coates topped off with the HKgirlTopcoat. It's gorgeous and one coat of this would also look lovely over any other polish! I tried it over black and over light purple (unfortunately I can't find the pictures). Application was ok, it takes a while to dry the individual layers. Still a beautiful glitter!! 


And last, but by no means least, as it is my absolute FAVORITE from the bunch, is 'Dancing in the Moonlight' by glampolish!!

Not only do I now have the song stuck in my head (who can remember that one? ;) but this is hands down one of my favorite polishes i own now! It's a blue/purple holo shimmer polish that sparkles like mad! Application was a dream and it just looks so incredibly cool! Just for this polish it was totally worth buying the box ;) This is my glittery sunshine shot, but it looks just as amazing in the shade:


I hope you enjoyed my review and swatches of the April What's In-Die Box, have a great weekend dolls! xx


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