Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Favorites

Hey everyone,

I decided to start a new category on my Blog called Sunday Favorites :) Suday is the day I nearly always have some time to write a blogpost and can commit to doing it too. I thought I'd share my favorite things of the week with you, may it be nail polish or other stuff! 

This weekend was a long one, as we had a bank holiday on thursday in Germany where I live. My fiancé and I had a lovely long weekend and got loads of stuff done that we had been wanting to do for some time.

I got engaged in March, but my engagement rings were a little bit too small for me, so we took them to Tiffany's to get them altered. I was able to exchange one of them so I could take it home with me that day, yay! :) The other one needs to be widened and we are also putting the date of the engagement in the ring too! We might have also looked at possible wedding rings while we were there... ;) This is the ring I was able to take home with me:

We have been wanting to buy a new outdoors table forever and we wanted to get a replacement for the one we already had because it was broken. We got this from a shop in Hamburg called Le Marrakech, which has gorgeous Furniture, tiles, glasses and tables. We went and found a table for our back garden, I love the way it looks and it is one of a kind, custom made!

I did a maniswap with the very talented Karissa aka @lifeisbetterpolished on Instagram this week, I looove her designs and I was so excited to share our recreations of each others manis! I loved both of them, this is my recreation. Check out my IG and hers for our mani swap and her beautiful recreation of one of my designs! She does beautiful, colorful nail art and looking at her page always makes me really happy :)

I've been loving this style of trousers atm, I've bought 4 different ones in one week!! I don't really know what you call them, but they are so comfortable and great for summer, as they don't cling to your body and are really lightweight! This one is from Hollister and I adore the colors and the pattern! (I also have those flip-flops, they are simple brown leather and I wear them almost every day in summer because they are SO comfy!) As I am not quite as beautiful and skinny as the model wearing them in the pic, I just wear them with a black tank top tucked in and a statement necklace and voilá, you're ready to go! :)

I am completely obsessed with Pretty Little Liars right now! I just started season 3 and I love it! I was so sad when Gossip Girl was over because it was my fave girly show to watch on my own (can't get my bf to watch that with me, obviously) and this is a perfect replacement! Although it took me a while to start watching, I can't stop now! And please be nice and don't spoil me!! Thanks ;)

I hope you enjoyed my sunday favorites, I would love to hear about your favorites of the week if you would like to leave me a comment :) Also let me know if there are any favorites of yours that you think I should check out! 

Lots of love,

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