Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tutorial: Greige and Holo Purple Chevrons

Hey everyone,

I made a little tutorial for my half-chevron nails and I thought I would share it with you today! 

For this look I used 

  • Barry M Matte nailpolish in Vanilla
  • Catrice Cosmetics purple holo nailpolish in Plum Me Up, Scotty
  • mini chevron nailvilys by @teismom purchased from
  • round silver studs by Pueen I purchased on Amazon
  • nailpolish remover for clean up
  • nailpolish corrector pen
  • Glisten and Glow HKgirl Topcoat

First I painted all my nails with two coates of Barry M Matte nail polish in Vanilla. Then I put on my HKgirl topcoat. I let this dry (at least for half an hour, so I don't peel it off again when sticking on and removing the nailvinyls) and then started with the full chevron nail. For this I placed some nailvinyls all over the nail (starting from the bottom) and painted over them with the purple holo polish.

I removed the nailvinyls as soon as I had put on the holo polish, this way the polish doesn't dry and pulls strings of polish when removing them. Also I am very careful removing them and follow the line of the sticker in the chevron pattern. Then I cleaned up around the nail and put another coat of topcoat on.

For my half chevron nail, I first placed some striping tape down my middle nail:

Then I placed the chevron stickers, going from the middle where the tape is to the outer side of my nail. I overlapped the nailvinyls onto the striping tape to create a seamless pattern:

Then I painted over the side of the nail where I placed the chevrons with the purple holo polish, removed first the chevron stickers and then the striping tape down the middle. Always take off the sticker/tape you put on last first, so you don't lift up any of the other stickers. This is what it looked like after removing all the nailvinyls and the striping tape:

Then I cleaned up around my nails and they looked somewhat like this:

Next I put a layer of HKgirl topcoat over my middle nail with the half chevron and started placing some round silver studs down the middle.
To place the studs I spilled some out on the table and turned them the right way up (the way they are supposed to go on my nail), then picked them up with tweezers to place them on the nail. I hold them at level with my nail and try to aim at the spot where I want to place them and then kind of let them drop onto the nail. This way I can still carefully move them if they are not exactly where I want them. As soon as they are positioned right, I slightly press down on them very carefully to set them.

I tried to cover up the line I created with the chevrons, so you don't see it anymore. When I placed all the studs it looked something like this:

I didn't put any extra topcoat on anymore, as I placed the studs when my topcoat was still wet. I will admit using some kind of nail glue would probably keep them on a bit longer, but I don't have any so this will have to do for me ;)

Sadly you can't see how gorgeous the purple holo polish is, it was a limited edition and it's the only holo I own!

Here is the finished look, I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and found it helpful. If you have any questions, drop me a comment and I will try and answer them :)

Lots of Love,