Monday, January 26, 2015

Nailart: LOVE over gradient

Hey everyone,

continuing the Valentines Day theme ;) I branched out a bit and had my very first try at using acrylic paint! I created these simple LOVE letters over a gradient and I am absolutely thrilled about how they came out! :)

I started out by doing a simple two coloured gradient with ColorClub's Je T'aime and Wicker Park, two of my faves by CC! They blended together gorgeously, I put down one coat of Essie Blanc which I let dry for about 10 minutes before I created the gradient with a simple little make up sponge. 

I tried using acrylic paint for the very first time in this mani. I had never tried it before and I always refused to buy any, because I have so much polish it was hard for me to justify now also buying huge amounts of acrylic paint!! But I will say, I only bought one color, black. And this was for the simple reason that I couldn't stand black polish smudging on my nails any longer! No matter how long I waited or how delicately I swept the polish brush with my topcoat over the nail, it always destroyed my design by dragging the black paint. So I thought I might invest in some acrylic paint, as it dries quicker and the topcoat doesn't do it any harm! 
When I painted the letters, I was also really happy with the precision of the paint. If you use nail polish, I feel like it just does whatever it wants. Clean lines? Can't make it work with polish, at least not me. I always have to use striping tape. But even though my lines in this mani are not perfect, I never would have even come close if I had attempted this with black nail polish!! Also, imagine putting all that effort into it, just to later smudge it all when putting the finishing layer of topcoat on... you get my drift.

This is also my favourite picture of all the (54,684) pictures I took of this mani. Normally I love a good bottle shot, but this just needed all the attention to itself :)

Hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I did!! :) I can see myself trying more designs with acrylic paint in the future.. maybe I'll even get a bottle of white..? ;)

Lots of Love,

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