Saturday, June 13, 2015

Nailart: Tropical Stamping Over Orly's Thrill Seeker

Hey everyone,

after loving Orly On The Edge so much, I had to try out Thrill Seeker as well and boy am I in love! 

I thought I was going to need a white base for this one to pop, but already after applying the first coat on to my nail, I knew this would be great even without!

This is three easy coats, it dries pretty quickly into a semi matte finish as neons tend to do. As it dried so quickly, I didn't even mind putting on three coats! Normally I'm too impatient to wait for each coat to dry to put on the next! But this was easy and fast application. You probably could have been fine with 2 coats as well, but I just did 3 because I could still see some uneven patches.

I decided to stamp over it using my MoYou London Tropical 02 plate and it worked out perfectly! I used Rica's Blackout to stamp and for once, my stamping image transferred perfectly! I'll have to find out how I did that ;D

This is my finished version with HKgirl topcoat by GlistenAndGlow

I decided to mattify my design with the OPI Matte Topcoat because I wanted to get a picture without glare and I love it so much! What is it with the Orlys and mattifying them that always turns out so pretty?! 

I really loved all three of my new Orly polishes I picked up. Here's a little bonus pic from my last Orly mani using On The Edge and Rage, also mattified! :)

What do you guys think about Orly polishes? I'm really starting to love them! :)

Lots of Love,

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