Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review: Floss Gloss


I finally finished my little Floss Gloss review, yay! :) As I mentioned in my polish haul blogpost, I picked up some of these while in the U.S., six in all. 

First things first: here's a little funny story on my first encounter with FlossGloss.. and let me tell you it was not pretty! :D

When in New York, I was almost all shopped out in terms of polish (what?), but then my boyfriend spotted a Ricky's (I had never heard of that store before btw - it's amazing!) and said it looked like a store I might like. 

To give you some background information: We were going to see a movie, so I was all casual in my favourite comfy jeans and flip flops (and yes of course I was wearing something on top, too). We had another half hour to spare before the movie was going to start and were standing in front of the movie theatre, the Ricky's store right across the street. So my boyfriend suggests we go in there to pass the time and when we enter the store, I see shelves freaking full of polish, so I'm immediately in heaven starting to look them through. 

I spot the Floss Gloss polishes, a brand I've been wanting to try for ages but never was brave enough to spend my money on online, not knowing if they would be any good. So I see all the gorgeous colors and start filling my hands. My palms are full to the brim, carrying 6 of them and an Essie (oh hi there!) and I decided this is enough, I can't even carry one more.

I move towards the counter ready to pay, and one of the Floss Gloss polishes (the black one, of course) that is lying on top of the pile in my hands slowly slides off... hits the tiled floor... and shatters right in front of my feet.

So I am totally humiliated, apologizing profusely to the guy and girl working the store on this tragic occurrence. They say "Don't worry, it happens all the time" in a tone that suggests this might be the case, but it's still a damn mess and they have to clean that shit up. The guy gets paper towels and polish remover and starts cleaning the floor and I'm like "can I maybe have one of those towels?" He looks at me like an alien and goes "uh, yeah... but you don't have to help, I'll do it" and I just look at him and point at my big toe, that is completely covered in black polish. His eyes nearly pop out of his head and he hands me a towel, surpressing a laugh... thanks dude.

And of course I did not only get it on my big toe, but all over my feet and on my favourite comfy jeans.. hurrah. And the best part? I didn't have time to clean myself, because we had to get to the cinema... so I had to sit through the film (Mad Max Fury Road btw, which was pretty awesome!) and then tried removing the polish off myself back at our hotel a few hours later. I had only taken a small bottle of polish remover with me on vacation and it was nearly empty too, so just quickly grabbed one at the Ricky's, which turned out to be the worst one I could have chosen. I was scrubbing my legs forever. 

And this is what I looked like from the moment it happened until I could clean myself back at the hotel.. and yeah, those jeans are ruined :( Now to be worn for wall painting jobs around the house only. Meh.
The pink polish (China Glaze Glow With The Flow) on my big toe came off when I wiped off the big blob of black that was on top of it, so I ended up walking home with this attractive look on my feet.

Of course, I picked up a new bottle of the black polish I smashed and bought that bastard, ha! 

But now, enough of my embarrassing stories, let's get into the polish review!


This bubblegum pink is gorgeous! But a bitch to put on. It took me three coats and I still wasn't a 100% satisfied with the end result. It's really pigmented, but it goes on a bit chalky and patchy.. in any case, the color is amazing and I don't regret buying it! 

This stunning minty turquoise had a better formula than Perf, but it was similarly chalky. It was opaque in two easy coats though and I really like it!! It looks a bit brighter in my mani a bit further down, it's more toned down in person.

First of all, this name is everything! That said, the formula was pretty good too. Two smooth coats for full opacity. Not my new go to white, but it's a good one! :)

I used all three colors in this cute watermelon mani. I was inspired to do this by my girl @melcisme on Instagram and I loved it SO MUCH I wore it longer than any other mani in the past few months! The three above mentioned colors were perfect for this design. It was so bright and fun I was really sad when it chipped badly on day four. 

I had to have this stunning glitter, you can't quite see in the pic how amazing it looks in the bottle! I was a tiny bit disappointed though, because the glitter wasn't as dense as I had hoped. I needed three coats to get it opaque enough, to make it even nicer I would have even needed a fourth one, but I was dreading the drying time.. Still gorgeous though!!

This is a pretty stunning color, it's a very pale neon orange and was so hard to capture, it's much lighter and paler in person. It's beautiful, even though again this one needed three coats for full opacity. Same hard to work with formula as Perf, but the color is kinda really worth it!

Even though we had a rough start, I gave Black Holy a fair chance and was not disappointed! A really nice, one coat black! Not much more to say about this one, apart from that I will always handle it very carefully for fear of repeating certain occurrences.. ;))

This is the second mani I did using the other three polishes, sorry for my weirdly coloured hands but Pony was so hard to photograph!!
I really love the mani though, I did something similar before with a different neon by China Glaze and I thought it was perfect to show this one off too!


Overall, I have to say that formula and drying time was a bit tricky, I wasn't too impressed that I needed almost four coats with some of these. Others like the black and white were great to work with!
Also I was really surprised when I saw the bottles in real life, they are tiny (5.5 ml)! I had imagined them much bigger, but they are pretty small :( What comes with small bottles of course, is a small brush. The bristles were normal length and good to work with, but the brush "stem" (?) was really short. But it was actually ok and didn't interfere with painting my nails at all. Just thought I would mention it.
The gold caps are so cool though, right? They make the whole polish look so fierce!

And the colors are amazing! They make some hard to work with formulas really worth it! I do think that you can pick up the pink and the mint/turquoise from different brands too, they are not unique shades. But Pony for example is so cool! And I haven't seen anything quite like it before!

I actually have another FlossGloss polish on the way to me, one they didn't have in store but I have been lusting after forever. I'll post it on my IG as soon as it arrives and I get to wear it! :)

Now I've tried this brand, I will definitely be using the ones I have, but I'm not sure I will be purchasing that many more. Just for blacks and whites, I think $8 for 5.5 ml is a bit too expensive, I might get weak though if I find another color that I feel is unique.

I hope you enjoyed my review of FlossGloss polishes and found my comments helpful! :)

Lots of Love,

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