Friday, June 5, 2015

New York and Florida polish haul

Hey everyone,

so I went on vacation to the U.S. for two weeks and visited Florida and New York City! I had a fabulous time, as the weather was amazing and also of course I got to shop for polish that I can't find in stores in Germany ;)

I thought I'd share my haul with you here, I hope you enjoy it! :)

As I had been to the same area in Florida that we went to before, I knew there was an ULTA there. Of course I made my boyfriend go there... twice ;P I picked up a few polishes there, some even on clearance at a really good price!

As we never get the new Essie collections on time here and they are always sold out as soon as they do come, of course I was on the hunt for the summer collection. I found them at ULTA and was actually a bit disappointed, the colors didn't really stand out to me and there were not many I felt I really, really wanted. But I did pick up Peach Side Babe and Pret-A-Surfer. Although I'm not quite sure I really needed another blue.. but I'll still be trying out both and will see how I like them :)

I just had to pick up a new bottle of Essie Fiji when I saw it, it's so hard to get my hands on over here! Even though it's much darker than it used to be, I still really love it. I also got Hubby For Dessert which I am excited to try out, it even has this pretty print on the top that I don't think the European bottles have, at least I haven't seen that in pictures of swatches. I also had to get Minimalistic, which is an even lighter, slightly cooler toned pink than Fiji (at least more than the one I got here), as I had seen it on my girl @melcisme on Instagram and loved it. 

I picked up Good As Gold, as I didn't own it and you can never go wrong with a good gold polish. Can't wait to use this as an accent color!
My favourite of all my Essie purchases has to be No More Film, a gorgeous deep purple toned blue! It's just so pretty!! It was the first color I put on while I was still on holiday and I kept looking at my nails, it went straight to the top of my favourite polishes list! Sadly I didn't take any good pics while I wore it, but I am pretty sure I will be reaching for this again soon! It's a bit like a darker, more blue-ish version of Essie's Under The Twilight, which is another favourite of mine.

In The Cab-Ana was on my Want-List for a while now, so when I saw it of course I had to take it home. I don't wear teal/turquoise that often, but this one is really pretty! I just recently posted a leopard print mani using this as well as my new version of Mint Candy Apple.
I say new, because it is completely different to the one I already have! This new one is so much lighter and more blue toned than the european version of it! And even in store they had two different versions of MCA! It was so weird!

As I already had the minty version, even though I am sure it's different to the one I own, I decided to take the light blue one home with me as I don't own anything quite like it! Here is also a comparison shot of my old MCA and the new one I picked up in the U.S.:

In any case, now I have two different versions of this and I like both ;)

The last two polishes I picked up at ULTA are these; Sally Hansen Celeb City was in the clearance bin so who can say no to that? It looks like a pretty good dupe to OPI This Gown Needs A Crown too, which I will put to the test soon.
When I looked at the OPI Brights collection I was pretty unimpressed, the only one that looked remotely interesting was On Pinks And Needles, I don't have anything like it so I thought I'd give it a try! :)

I went to a Sally's Beauty Supply for the first time and my NPA heart skipped a beat when I saw the new Nail Polish Wall in person.. wowza, that was one awesome sight! Of course I browsed it brand by brand and found a few goodies to take home ;)

I don't own too many Orly polishes, but these three caught my eye and I decided to get them: Over The Edge is a deep blue toned purple which I can't wait to use (can you see a pattern with my favourite colors here?), Orly's Rage has been on my Want-List for a very long time and Thrill Seeker looked just so tempting, as I don't have anything like it in my collection yet! Excited to see how I will like these on my nails!

I would have thought that I would be buying mostly China Glaze polishes as they are one of my all time favorite brands, but when I was standing in front of the nail polish wall, I realized I already owned most of the colors that sparked my interest when looking at them all. I did get this gorgeous glitter called Pick Me Up Purple though that I had never heard of before but thought was just stunning, as well as Highlight Of My Summer because it was - surprise - another polish I had always wanted to try.

We then went into a Ricky's store, which was completely new to me. I didn't know they sold Floss Gloss polishes, so I was excited when I saw they had a small selection! I had always wanted to try these, so of course this was a sign that I should ;)

I picked up these six colors and I will have a whole separate blogpost up on these soon!

From L to R: Floss Gloss in Mrs. Tony Montana, Wavepool, Perf.

From L to R: Floss Gloss in Pony, Dimepiece, Black Holy.

I knew that Anthropology carried Ella+Mila polishes, so when I saw them in store I couldn't resist picking up one of these cute little duos they had. Even though they are "mommy and me" sets, I thought they were super cute and I love the colors! They also had a nude and blue combo but I liked this one better and even got one for my best friend too. She is already wearing the color in the bigger bottle called Just Peachy and loving it!

I am yet to try one of these, so I can't tell you quite yet how I like them. But the packaging is adorable! The smaller bottle color is called Sweet Tart and the set also comes with a little sheet of floral nail stickers which is a nice idea.

When we were at Walgreens, it was the first time I saw the reformulated Sally Hansen Pacific Blue in person. Pur-leeeaase, Sally Hansen. What is wrong with you?!

It's nothing like the original formula any more and a completely different blue! I wonder who made that decision at SH, in any case I bet he or she is feeling pretty awful after the uproar that went through the nail art community.. I'm glad I have my original one and also two back ups, it really is a gorgeous polish. This one would have never sparked my interest, not even if I hadn't know the old version.. 

Last but not least, I decided to try out the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes while I was in Florida! I also saw and bought these at Walgreens, I do love a good drugstore browse ;)

At home, I had painted my toenails with China Glaze Float On and topped it with Ricas Glossy Glam topcoat, but about 15 minutes after I had done this I had already ruined two toenails again.. God I hate doing my own pedicures. As it was the night before we left, I just packed the polish and didn't bother redoing them that night, but just did it the first day we arrived.
After about two days, my polish was already chipping everywhere. I don't blame it either, being at the beach and in the ocean, at and in the pool and wearing open shoes all the time is hard on polish in any case. 
When I saw the Miracle Gel polishes at Walgreens I thought why not, so I got the color Pinky Rings, which was most similar to the China Glaze color I was wearing and liked and the matching topcoat. It's a gel finish topcoat that doesn't need any special light to cure it, which I thought sounded pretty good.
The color went on a bit too thick for my taste and needed two coats, but with the topcoat I wore it for over a week with absolutely no wear at all! Was very happy with that I must say.

Then in New York I decided I wanted to try the gel topcoat over normal polish to see if it would still work as well, and it sure does. I used my new favorite neon pink, China Glaze Glow With The Flow and sealed it with the gel topcoat and voila! I am proud and also a bit embarrassed to say that I am still wearing this pedi today with no chips! 

So this concludes my American nail polish haul! I spent quite a bit, I know that, but I purposely went on a no-buy before my holiday because I knew I would be shopping like the crazy polish addict I am ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post! :)

Lots of Love,

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