Friday, July 18, 2014

Nailart: Blue Watermarble

Hey everyone,

as I loved my pink watermarble so much, I decided to give it another try with a different colour scheme. I chose two gorgeous Essie blues, Find Me An Oasis from the Spring Collection and Bikini So Teeny, an all time classic by Essie.

I followed the same steps from my previous tutorial and it came out just as I imagined it :) I am by no means an expert on marbling and this is about the only pattern I can do :D I do want to try it with a bunch of different bright colours though too, I've seen some amazing ones on IG and my fingers are itching to give it a go!

Here you can see my not-so-centered marble pattern, it already looks pretty on the water and I'm so glad I got it to transfer on to my nail properly so it still looked good! ;)

Find Me An Oasis is definitely one of the prettiest blues I own and one of the best shades Essie has come out with! It's like the blue equivalent to Essies pale pink, all time classic, Fiji.

I hope you enjoyed my little marble post, if you would like to give it a try, you can have a look at my tutorial here.

Lots of Love,

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