Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Favourites: Purple Polishes

Hey everyone,

for my Sunday Favourites I wanted to show you my favourite purple polishes today, so let's get started! :)

On my pointer finger I'm wearing two coats of OPIs You're Such A Budapest, a gorgeous light purple that contains subtle silver shimmer. It's a bit hard to work with as it is pretty sheer, but I got away with wearing two medium coats, you could also do three thin ones. 

On to my ChinaGlaze purples, first up is In A Lily Bit from the Peonies & Park Collection that launched earlier this year. It's a beautiful light purple, that looks pretty pink compared to the other polishes in this picture. You are seeing three coats, it's not the easiest application but as you can see it's totally worth it!

Next is Lotus Begin, also from the same collection, a gorgeous purple and one of my absolute favourite purples of all time! It's also the bottle I am holding in this pic, I've used this colour a lot because I just keep reaching for it when I think of a purple mani. Opaque in two coats, although application is similar to In A Lily Bit.

Last up from CG is Thats's Shore Bright! on my pinkie - and it sure is a gorgeous bright purple! Application is better than with the previous two CG's, opaque in two coats. It makes your hands look nice and tan as it leans on the neon side, but I wouldn't exactly call it a neon colour. But you can see how bright it is compared to the others. It's definitely one of a kind in my collection and I haven't seen a good dupe for it either!

I am so crap at posing with my non dominant hand.. but hey, Cindy needs some love too, right? ;) 

On my pinkie I am wearing two coats of Essie's Play Date, a very pretty rich purple. It's pretty much your standard darker purple colour and a good staple polish for every nail polish collection. 

Essie's Lilacism (also in the bottle I am holding) is one of the first Essie polishes I owned, and I still love it up to this day! If you've been following me for a while on Instagram you will see that I finished up a bottle of this and immediately went to repurchase. It's a dusty lilac and perfect even for a simple mani without any nail art. Shown are two smooth coats.

On my middle finger you can see two coats of Essie's Go Ginza, a gorgeous light purple that looks so pretty and sophisticated! Sadly I only have the thin brush in this one (not the wide european brush) but I still managed to get it opaque and non-streaky in two coats! It really is a beauty and Essie recently put it into their permanent collection, the shade being in one of the Limited Editions that come our during the year beforehand. So go grab it, it's definitely at the top of my purple polishes list!

Last up it ColorClub Wicker Park - oh my! I had admired it in pictures, but when I held the bottle in my hand and put on two creamy, gorgeous coats, I instantly fell in love! It's a brighter pink toned purple and I think it's absolutely stunning. And again, I don't have anything like this in my collection yet! :)

Here is another two hand shot (courtesy of my fiancĂ©) to show you all the colours. I filtered the pic so they would come out a little better, but the close ups are more accurate (You're Such A Budapest looks almost blue.. which really isn't the case). I put a few pictures of manicures below in which I used some of these purple polishes if you would like to see what they look like "in action" ;)

I hope you liked my favourite purples, if you enjoyed this one I also have a similar one comparing some of my pink polishes to each other that you can read about here

Have a lovely Sunday dolls! :)

Lots of Love,

Essie - Lilacism

Essie - Lilacism and Play Date (Bottle Shown)

Essie - Go Ginza

OPI - You're Such A Budapest

Essie - Go Ginza

ChinaGlaze - Lotus Begin

ChinaGlaze - In A Lily Bit

ChinaGlaze - Lotus Begin

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