Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review: ColorClub Seven Deadly Sins Collection

Hey everyone,

ColorClub recently came out with their new Seven Deadly Sins Collection, which are a bunch of gorgeous matte glitters! I have the mini pack with four of these beauties to show you today!

Color Club Under Your Spell

First up is Under Your Spell, which is a gorgeous blue and purple glitter with a green shimmer to it. It's really pretty and for a glitter packed polish application was really good too! (glitters can sometimes be a real pain to work with..) Shown are two coats, it has lots of fine glitter and a few bigger glitters in it like a liquid sand polish. It dries semi-matte and doesn't need a topcoat, I didn't even put one on to try because I loved the look of it on its own so much :)

All in all, it's a very pretty glitter and makes for a great glitter accent nail! Look at that close up!! *drool*

Color Club You're So Vain

The next polish I have is called You're So Vain and it's a dark red, black, purple-ish glitter. The consistency wasn't the best, it was pretty gloopy and hard to work with, but it was kinda worth it ;) This one dries very matte, I put on two coats. It's completely packed with glitter, maybe that is why application was a bit tricky. Nonetheless it's a gorgeous polish!

In the last picture you can see the polish with one coat of Rica's Glossy Glam topcoat. It makes the glitter shimmer a bit more, so you can see how beautiful it really is!

Color Club Dirty Money

This baby is called Dirty Money and it's sooo pretty!! Again this is two coats, no topcoat. Just plain gorgeous gold beautifulness! Application was great, very smooth and easy. I really don't have anything more to add! :)

It's a bit like liquid gold in a bottle - literally! It dries matte, but still sparkles like billi-o. So pretty!

Color Club Friends With Benefts

The last polish in the mini pack might just be my favourite: Friends With Benefits (love that name too!) is a metallic purple glitter that also dries pretty matte, but also looks awesome with a shiny topcoat.  The formula is a tiny bit on the tricky side, although not as complicated to work with as You're So Vain. It's almost a bit like a holo, because it has so much tiny glitter in it that it reflects like crazy! 

There are three more colours to the Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Collection, but I only had the mini pack with four to show you today. I think they are a great compilation of the collex, the other three colours actually don't really strike me as my kind of colours, so I am really happy with the pretties in the mini set! 
I hope you liked my little review, I put some pics of two manis I did using some of the glitters down below. 

Lots of Love,

ColorClub glitter used: Under Your Spell

ColorClub glitter used: Friends With Benefits

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  1. Very pretty! I didn't realize these were matte textured glitters when I purchased one. I'm a little bummed, kind of over the textured polish. I do love the glittery goodness though! :)